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Halifax BBGB started life as an ordinary Boys' brigade Bugle Band in Halifax. The date of the first practice or event is not known but we can trace the band back to pre 1909 - you will see a picture from 1911 of the Halifax Boys' Brigade Band Marching through Halifax.

Halifax Band 1911 1928scampbandsmall.jpg.w560h274

On the left is a picture from a Halifax BB camp to Scarborough - you can see the Castle in the background. This dates back to 1918.


Back then it was normal practice for the band to go on camp and there be special performances throughout the camp in and among the other activities that the Boys' took part in.

In 1984 members of the Halifax Girls' Brigade were invited to join and since then the band has been known as the Halifax BBGB band.


Over the years the band has entered many competitions and performed at a wide variety of venues for all types of occasions.

band1981civichall.html blackandwhiteband colourpic1990s Barnelsy 2 Band Champs (Medium)

2013 saw the Halifax Boys’ and girl’s brigade band have the most successful competition year ever seeing us not finish outside the top 3 all year. We won the Brigade British Marching Band Championships Contest Class and won promotion to Championship Class for 2014. In British Youth Band Association we did not finish outside the top 3 and managed to win the BYBA Division 3 League.